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Wayne Parsons Public Policy Pdf Free [Latest-2022]




pdf of public policy free download Public Policy Free Download Public Policy Free Download pdf download of Public Policy by Wayne Parsons 13. REVELATION AND RECONCILIATION: A REVISIONIST NEW INTERPRETATION OF RUMI'S "THE BOOK OF VEHILS" IN SHAYKH SAMI'S "THE BOOK OF THE GOOD LIFE" by Mohammad Hadi Qahtani, University of Waterloo Although Shaykh Sami’s major book is entitled “The Book of the Good Life”, it has a much longer story, about the re-awakening of the cosmos to its first state of pure perfection. The cosmos' awakening takes place first in the world of human beings, and it is, therefore, in the world of human beings that the process is most actively and profoundly revealed. Although some are already aware of this, the process is still in its infancy. However, the book of the good life, as the sequel to the book of the veils, is a tool to help readers in further understanding this awakening. This article looks at Shaykh Sami’s account of the process of waking up of the cosmos, especially in the world of humanity. Shaykh Sami’s account of the process of awakening of the cosmos to its original state has considerable similarities with Rumi's 'Book of the Veils'. However, unlike Rumi's account, Shaykh Sami does not claim to have had a mystical experience of this process. Shaykh Sami states that he was not one of those who have had a mystical experience. Rather, he has chosen to reinterpret the original meaning of the book of the veils. According to him, Rumi's account is to be read as a metaphor of the human awakening. The article begins by discussing the book of the veils in the light of some commentaries on it, in particular, by 'Al-Qazwini, Ferdowsi and others. Shaykh Sami's main argument is that Rumi's original account is a symbolic account of the process of the cosmos' awakening, which is to be understood in the context of human awakening as well. The article then discusses how such a symbolic account of a process of waking up is possible in human beings. The article presents a mechanism, which makes it possible for the human being to engage in such a symbolic




Wayne Parsons Public Policy Pdf Free [Latest-2022]

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