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ok so i need to put that code on what xshell: " Exec=bash -c 'echo "this one" > /home/xshell/Downloads/; bash /home/xshell/Downloads/' ". xshell: 'narrow' that! that bash script should do it. I found my biggest struggle was being able to uninstall the current version and get the old version in an upgrade and the fact that even when I did, the reinstall with the update doesn't work *failed *tried *installs jeremy: Remove the 'ppa' for the older release. ( sudo apt purge python-numpy ). Bashing-om: thanks and hopefully the process isn't horribly inefficient I can reinstall the current version a lot easier than a version that never gets updates lol wow its not working its saying command not found but it is on my Downloads/ folder for some reason its not going to the /home/xshell/Downloads/ directory jeremy: Hey! indeed the upgrade process should be much faster. Takes a bit of getting used to. command not found ? I figured I'd hit a lot of windows and it didn't end up working but that's ok how often do you suggest I remove the ppa nope is this something I should do automatically so yeah it's just a pain in the ass or maybe I should just go to the resource xshell: Look'n. and just install things manually I




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